Monday, March 9, 2009

Sean John Combs: Once Upon A Time In America

by Barry Michael Cooper


"Remember what we talked about so much?" Bigger asked in a flat neutral tone.


"Old Blum."...Bigger took a deep breath and looked from face to face. It seemed to him that he should not have to explain. 

"Look, it'll be easy. There ain't nothing to be scared of. Between three and four ain't nobody in the store but the old man. The cop is way down at the other end of the block...Can't you see? This is something big," Bigger said.

Richard Wright,
Book One: Fear
Native Son, 1940.

"What nigga, you wanna rob the muthaf-----' train? Is you crazy?!"

(Background noises inside a New York subway station: Biggie responds
to his hesitant accomplice)

"Yes, yes, you muthaf-----' right! Nigga, it's '87, nigga. Is you dead broke?!"

"Yeah, nigga's a train, ain't nobody ever robbed no muthaf-----' train!"

"Is your mother givin' you money nigga? It's time to get paid. Is you wit me?" (Biggie clicks the cartridge on his 9 milimeter.) "Muthaf----, is you wit me?!"

"Yeah I'm wit you, come on!"

"Alright, nigga, let's make it happen, then!"
(Biggie and his accomplice step onto an arriving subway train and brandish their guns. Biggie barks out his instructions to the passengers.) "ALL YOU MUTHAF-----, GET ON THE F-----' FLOOR!" (Biggie fires two shots into the air. Screams of fear and pandemonium fill the subway car.) "GIMME ALL YOUR MUTHAF-----' MONEY!..."

Christopher Wallace and Sean Combs,
Intro Skit from Ready To Die, 1994