Friday, September 11, 2009

Michael Jackson Agonistes: The Final Act of an American Pop'era

by Barry Michael Cooper

"Michael Jackson rose above it all in his untimely transition. America found his heart, spirit and words connected around the world. He never used any harsh words, nor actions against his accusers. He refused to engage those who were and still are attempting to define him as ugly. Michael Jackson did not die in the way many in Babylon have wished. Hardly, Michael Jackson loved all the children, people of this world. He shared his love, shared his pain, showed us in this final performance that love does conqueror. He shows us that love is everywhere. Michael Jackson--despite all of his travails--transcended to show the world love, not any one religion, race or creed. Michael Jackson brought the world together; his transition is about love and healing in the world. Not hating."
Dr. Carl S. Taylor,
Professor of Sociology
Michigan State University

(and a bodyguard for Michael Jackson
on the Jacksons 1979 Destiny Tour)

Friday - 11. September. 2009.

Dear Michael:
One week ago yesterday, your corpus was finally laid to rest. Away from the digital vultures. Away from the sin feeders and soul eaters. Away from the living, grinning Hell of a Mad Fame populated by smooth criminals--reeking with the dead stank of lost angel lust--whose whispered lies cast in gnashing teeth, made you weep every night. But you don't have to worry about that anymore; your agony has ceased.