Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dr. Dre (Chronic Symphonies Dressed in a Full Metal Jacket)

by Barry Michael Cooper

"It's a difference between making beats and producing. I go in and I produce."

Andre "Dr. Dre" Young,
November 1998, Philadelphia, Pa.

From Kabul to Compton, the bloody and tattered garment of war is threaded with the needle of a full metal jacket. No matter what set you claim--Blood, Crip, Taliban, or Al Qaeda--bullets tailor the design of victory and defeat.
For almost three decades, Andre "Dr. Dre" Young has scored the Wagnerian operetta known as The Battle of South Central. From NWA, to Snoop, to Death Row, to Hip Hop's Great White Hope--Eminem--a Dr. Dre production was body-rocking in it's sound, thought-provoking in its perception, and cinematic in its vision. Unlike New York Hip Hop--which was driven by the claustrophobic rhythms of subways and etched in the shadows of skyscrapers that seemed to choke out the sunlight--Dre's California G-Funk was alfresco; a dark and breezy ticket to ride, even if it depicted a drive-by victim taking their last breath.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What If President Obama Really Was..."Dat Brother From Another Planet"?

by Barry Michael Cooper

(Part One of a series titled, The New "Porniggraphy": The Fetishizing of an American President)

What if President Barack Hussein Obama really was Dat Brother From Another Planet? Would we be happy if he was The Man Who Fell To Earth, who Hit The Ground Running, trying to Do The Right Thing? Making health care accessible to all, and passing a stimulus package as a fulcrum to prevent the floorboards of the nation's economy--weakened by eight years of Bush-Whacking--from flattening the country into a Great Depression?

If President Obama had an invoice of Intergalactic Transport from Area 51, instead of a birth certificate, would it negate the capture and extermination of the psychopath responsible for the mass murder of more than three-thousand Americans on 11 September 2001, Osama Bin Laden?

What if online provocateur and serial killer of political careers, Andrew Breitbart (he with the Pee Wee Herman voice, Ted Bundy eyes, and a lead suspect in numerous character assassinations) leaked a surreptitious video showing a smear of Hunter-green blood on President Obama's knee, after a scrape from a B-ball game during the Christmas vacation in Hawaii--and after the he was able to lower the rate of unemployment to 7.5 percent by November 2011, and home owners were able to reach the shores of real-estate solvency, after drowning in the 2008 Tsunami of underwater mortgages--would we call for his impeachment? Or his execution?