Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dick Cheney: The Quiet Screams of Oily Silence

by Barry Michael Cooper

10 June 2010

Shooting your friend on the face on a hunting trip?-The price of a visit to the E.R. and reconstructive surgery; 
Manifesting you hatred into lower back spasms as you sit down at the Presidential Inauguration?-$500 for the price of a good wheel chair;

Engaging a mercenary corporation that paid you scores of millions to possibly blow up an oil rig,
murder 11 workers,
destroy the environment,
put millions of workers and families and lives at risk,

in order to try and dismantle the first African-American Presidency?
-Priceless. Spineless. Heartless. Dick Cheney's American Karma Card: he won't leave this world without it, and even if he ain't talkin', actions scream volumes. And, oh yeah Dick; Your. Bill. Is. Long. Past. Due...

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