Friday, August 13, 2010

BBC News-Bodies Found In South African Gold Mine

Bodies found in South African Gold Mine: BBC News
(Story reported by Karen Allen for BBC News)

The mine owners said there had been a shooting on Monday

Four bodies have been found in an unused shaft of a mine run by relatives of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma and ex-leader Nelson Mandela.

Police said investigations were continuing into reports that up to 20 alleged illegal miners were shot dead by security at the mine on Monday.

The owners of the Grootvlei gold mine east of Johannesburg confirmed their guards had clashed with some miners.

The governing African National Congress (ANC) has condemned the shooting.

The Grootvlei mine is owned by the company, Aurora Empowerment Systems, whose chairman is President Zuma's nephew, Khulubuse Zuma.

The company's managing director is Zondwa Mandela, the grandson of the anti-apartheid fighter.

The BBC's Karen Allen in Johannesburg says the mine has been at the centre of an alleged pay dispute according to mining unions, but it has also been the site of illegal mining.

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