Saturday, August 7, 2010

BBC News-Fidel Castro Gives His First Speech In Four Years

Fidel Castro: BBC News
(Story reported by Michael Voss-BBC News)

Fidel Castro outlined the ''immensely higher price'' of a war

Fidel Castro, the former Cuban leader, has delivered his first speech to the national assembly since resigning over ill health four years ago.

The chamber erupted into applause at the sight of Mr Castro, dressed in his familiar olive-green fatigues but without his comandante's insignia.

In an uncharacteristically short speech of just over 10 minutes, he urged the US not to allow a war with Iran.

His brother Raul, who succeeded him as president, sat at his side as he spoke.

It was the first time the two had appeared together in public since Fidel Castro stepped down in 2006.

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