Thursday, August 19, 2010

BBC News-U.S. Pledges Pakistan Full Support In Flood Crisis

Victims of the flood in Pakistan: Getty Images
(Story reported by Lyse Doucet for BBC News)

The US has pledged its full support for flood-hit Pakistan, ahead of an emergency session of the UN intended to boost the international response.

The US special envoy to the region, Richard Holbrooke, told the BBC that the US was doing more than any other nation to help Pakistan.

More than four million people have no shelter, and millions more need immediate assistance, the UN says.

Weeks of heavy rain have submerged large parts of the country.

There are fears of more flooding as water continues to surge south down the Indus River.

Speaking in New York, Mr Holbrooke said the US had been the first country to offer help to Pakistan in the early days of the flooding crisis.

He said much-needed helicopters had been diverted from the war in Afghanistan to deliver aid and rescue stranded people in north-west Pakistan, where the flooding began.

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