Monday, August 9, 2010

Hip Hop DX-Cam'ron, Dipset Working On New Music
(Story reported by Slava Kuperstein for Hip Hop DX)

The newly-reunited Dipset crew is well on its way with recording material, says Cam'ron.

Even without a label deal, the Diplomats have wasted no time after reuniting by recording eight or nine new songs.

"It's a few people that's been getting at us, but the money's not really where we want it to be," explained Can'ron to MTV News. "So we'd rather distribute it ourselves until somebody comes with the right amount of money. Jim is using the 'Salute' record as his single, so we'll build off of that. But basically, with the Diplomat thing, everybody is gonna do it, but we got obligations."

Cam, who says the members are all on good terms with one another, said that the crew needed to complete their other projects, though they are still making time to record together. "Jim got his album he definitely gotta turn in," he said. "[Me and Vado] got this Gunz and Butta thing. Juelz is putting his album together. Nobody wants to stop where they already have contracts and obligations, but we working too. We got eight, nine songs done."

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