Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hip Hop DX-Unrest In Slum Village

Elzhi/Hip Hop DX
(Story reported by Paul W. Arnold)

Exclusive: The now exiled eLZhi says of S.V., "In my opinion it's a wrap. And I feel like RJ Rice single-handedly dismantled a legacy..."

First the Fat Boys breakup…and now so too have Detroit’s underground underdogs, Slum Village. A few weeks after the sole surviving original member of S.V., T3, took to Twitter on June 30th to announce that Slum’s recently-released sixth studio album, Villa Manifesto, would be the group’s last, the latter lyrical addition to S.V., eLZhi, told that his recent hiring of a new manager, and that manager’s inquiries into Slum’s contract with E1 Music for their new album, led to his contributions to said album being cut in half at the order of RJ Rice, the founder of the group’s longtime label home, Barak Records (n.k.a. Ne’Astra Music Group).

On Monday (August 2nd) eLZhi spoke to HipHopDX about the whirlwind series of events that have transpired in recent weeks regarding he and his now former group-home. And in a must read interview for any fan of Slum Village, eLZhi broke down in detail all of the circumstances, (and persons), that have contributed to his split from Slum, and just where the onetime partner-in-rhyme to T3 goes from here. 

(click here to read the full story on the Hip Hop DX website)  

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