Monday, August 16, 2010

Mediaite-GOP Minstrel Rush Limbaugh; Obama is Anti-American

Rush Limbaugh: Mediaite
(Story reported by Glynnis MacNicol for

Rush Limbaugh joined the tirade over the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan on his radio show today saying that Liberals will allow mosques near Ground Zero but not Walmarts. And he has a point. There are no Walmarts in New York City despite multiple attempts to open one here, Ground Zero or otherwise. And the resistance to open one comes from both the Unions and community groups.

Of course, if you follow this argument to its larger logical conclusion than Rush seems to be saying we should be supporting capitalist endeavors over religious ones. Obviously, that is not what he is really saying. What he is really saying is that by supporting the group’s right to build, President Obama has revealed himself to be un-American: “We thought Obama was our first post-American president, we might have under-estimated him: our first anti-American president."

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