Thursday, August 5, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer-Top Cop Ramsey Vows to Fight Police Corruption

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey/
(Story reported by Allison Steele)

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey today unveiled a plan aimed at preventing corruption in the Philadelphia Police Department, a strategy that Ramsey said is focused on preventing officers from making poor decisions.

In addition to providing officers with continued training and education in ethical issues, Ramsey said the department will assign more officers to the department's Internal Affairs bureau. Ramsey said he was not sure how many officers would be transferred there.

He also said the department will work with the Fraternal Order of Police to further encourage officers to report their colleagues when they witness illegal or inappropriate behavior. While some officers do this, Ramsey said, others are hesitant to get involved.

"The police department continues to ask the public to step up and report officers," Ramsey said. "We will ask no less of its own members."

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