Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Politico-CBS Responds To Leaked Video Feed Of Couric Clowning Palin

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(Story reported by Politico's On Media blog and Jonathan Martin)

As Jonathan Martin reported this morning, Sarah Palin’s supporters have been circulating leaked footage from 2008 showing their least favorite journalist, Katie Couric, expressing wonder at Palin’s children’s names while rehearsing.

The clip, posted to the Palin fan site Conservatives4Palin under the headline “EXPLOSIVE: New Video of Couric Mocking Palin on the Day She was Named as McCain’s Running Mate!,” shows Couric fact-checking the pronunciation of Wasilla and pausing after reading “Trig” and “Track” to say: “Where the hell do they get these names?”

Conservatives4Palin’s editors write that the clip “shows some tantalizing hints of Couric’s attitude toward the governor,” adding that the real story is the unserious way that Couric’s script frames Palin’s life story on the day she was tapped as John McCain’s running mate.
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msladydeborah said...

Is this supposed to override her interview with Katie?

Her children do have strange names.

Bmc said...

@msladydeborah: Nah; its supposed to neutralize her interview with Katie Couric, lol, but it only goes to show how vindictive and spiteful Palin really is. Couric can be a little sharp--I would've laid off the kids, despite the unique names--but at the end of the day, she did her job, and exposed Palin for the unqualified and uninformed politician that she is.