Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Politico-Despite Dip In Polls, President Obama Is Still A $$$ Magnet

President Obama during 17 Aug 2010, Seattle, WA campaign swing:AP
(Story reported by Carol E. Lee for Politico)

SEATTLE – If there was any question about whether President Obama's five -state, three-day cross-country trip was a campaign swing, the answer came Tuesday, when he posed for a snapshot with a baby, ordered a turkey sandwich and “something sweet to go” as the cameras rolled at a local bakery and attacked the Republican agenda.

“You voted against it,” Obama told a banquet room full of Democratic donors who paid $1,400 a ticket. “That’s why I’m president.”

Though he expressed rock-solid confidence that his economic policies are taking the country in the right direction, Obama warned the crowd that it could take a couple more years before the economy is completely healthy again.

"The truth is it’s going to take a few years to fully dig ourselves out of this recession," Obama said. "Anybody who tells you otherwise is just looking for your vote. But here’s what I can tell you: After 18 months, I have never been more confident that our nation is headed in the right direction."
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