Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Radaronline.com-Former Lawyer Trying To Stick Prince For His Paper

photo courtesy of Zuma Press
(story reported by Radaronline.com)

Pop icon Prince is being sued by his former attorney Ed McPherson for breach of contract, RadarOnline.com learned Tuesday after legal papers were filed claiming that the Purple Rain singer owes a whopping unpaid debt in attorney’s fees of almost $50,000.

The lawsuit documents state that, "the defendants (Prince, Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc. and NPG Records) have breached the aforementioned Agreement by, among other things, failing to pay Plaintiff amounts owed to it.”  The papers go on to state that countless attempts to contact or communicate with the star have all failed.

In a twist of irony, Prince hired McPherson in April 2009 when he was being sued by his former agent, Vigliano Associates, LTD, and in a later case involving alleged fraud by the singer’s former attorney (against Prince) in connection with a real estate deal.

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