Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reuters-Fomer 79-Year-Old Bolivian Dictator Sent To Drug Rehab

Former Bolivian dictator Juan Pereda:
(Story reported by Carlos Quiroga and Eduardo Garcia for Reuters News)

(Reuters) - A 79-year-old former Bolivian dictator has been sent to a drug rehabilitation clinic after being arrested on suspicion of committing an obscene act while under the influence of drugs, police said on Wednesday.

Juan Pereda, a former air force general who ruled the poor Andean country for four months in 1978, was detained in the eastern city of Santa Cruz on Tuesday. Media reports said cocaine had been found in his car.

"The report was for an obscene act in the street ... he seemed to be under the influence of some kind of hallucinogenic drug," said a source at a district attorney's office, who asked not to be named.

(click here to read the full story on the Reuters News website)

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