Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sun Times-!0 Year Old Chicago Boy Is A Trump In The Making

10-year-old Chicago, Ill. entrepreneur, Joey McGuire: Jean Lachat/Sun-Times
(Story reported by Mark J. Konkol for the Chicago Sun-Times)

Joey McGuire is a busy guy. If he isn't hustling up more clients as "CEO" of Beverly Shoe Shine, he's publishing his hyper-local neighborhood newspaper -- the Joey McGuire Gazette.

Or he's on the golf course, or taking a long weekend getaway with the family, or out with neighborhood fellas enjoying the good life.

It took awhile to track him down.

"This is Joey McGuire, CEO of Beverly Shoe Shine," he politely said into my voice mailbox. "I will be out of the town until next week. I will try to contact you when I return."

When I finally got him on the phone, he brushed me off again, saying he'd have to recheck his schedule to make sure he'd have time to talk.

I couldn't get too mad at him. He's only 10 years old. Checking his schedule means asking his mom for permission. He's a good kid like that.

And, obviously, a rather entrepreneurial sort.

His business career started with a shine box from grandpa's house -- and some prime-time inspiration from "The Donald."

"My dad brought home a shoe kit from Grandpa's house, and I started shining my family's shoes," Joey says. 

"It was really fun. And I was inspired a little bit by Donald Trump. I watched his show, the 'Celebrity Apprentice,' once. I thought it would be fun to own my own business when I get older. So I just started a business."

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