Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Times and Democrat (SC) Mother Drowns Her Children In River

Shaquan Duley, accused of murdering her two children in Orangeburg, SC: Orangeburg Times and Democrat
(Story reported by Times and Democrat Staff)

Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams has charged Shaquan Duley with two counts of murder in connection to the deaths of her two toddlers pulled from the murky water of the Edisto River on Monday.

Williams' announcement came at a 10 a.m. press conference at which he informed several media outlets that 

Duley had confessed to smothering her children before placing them in the car.

Williams planned the Tuesday conference on Monday as a means to share developments in the investigation and potentially to up the ante on Duley, who on Monday had only been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

The mother walked from the car to the junction of Shillings Bridge Road and Lake Edisto Road about a quarter mile away, Williams said. She told a passing motorist that an accident had occurred and her children were in the water. The motorist called 911.

(click here to read the full story on the Orangeburg Times and Democrat website)

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