Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TMZ.com-Man Sues LeBron James; Claims To Be His Dad

Lebron James and Leicester Stovell, who is suing James and claims to be his dad: TMZ.com
(Story reported by TMZ Staff for TMZ.com)

LeBron James wants a court to be as dismissive as he is over a lawsuit filed by a man who claims to be his father.

TMZ broke the story ... Leicester Bryce Stovell filed a $4 million lawsuit against LeBron and Gloria James, the NBA star's mom, claiming fraud and defamation.

Now attorneys for LeBron and Gloria have asked a judge to dismiss the suit, labeling it "rank speculation."  According to the new legal docs obtained by TMZ, LeBron's lawyers scoffed at "... a man who claims that as a twenty-nine year old lawyer he got a 15-year old girl pregnant during a one-night stand and who never contributed a penny in child support would earn millions in commercial endorsements by crawling out of the wood-work after the child he never gave a thought to became an NBA star."

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