Monday, August 23, 2010 Slashes Leo DiCaprio's Face; Questions His Manhood

Leonardo DiCaprio and his accused slasher Aretha Wilson:
(Story reported by TMZ Staff for

The woman accused of slashing Leo DiCaprio's face with a drinking glass was in court this morning lashing out at the actor, claiming he started the physical altercation and the whole thing is a cover-up.

Aretha Wilson's lawyer asked the judge for a toxicology report on the actor the night of the incident, as well as his medical records. 

The lawyer claims the case is a cover-up -- that Leo didn't even report the incident for 3 days, and the 5 witnesses are telling inconsistent stories.

In addition to the toxicology report (Leo went to the hospital that night for stitches and doctors may have done a toxicology), the lawyer wants Leo's rap sheet.

As for what started the fight at the home of Rick Salomon, Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, Wilson's lawyer says his client said to Leo, "You guys are a bunch of f*gs.  Why don't you go butt f**k each other."  The lawyer says that set Leo off and he approached Wilson in a threatening way.

Leo's lawyer, Blair Berk, says, "These are outrageous lies and a classic case of trying to re-victimize a victim in a violent assault

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