Wednesday, August 11, 2010 of the new Blackberry Torch

Blackberry Torch: Jon Snyder/
(Review by Terrence Russell for

BlackBerry Torch Is More Evolution Than Revolution for RIM

Research In Motion (and its iconic BlackBerrys) used to rule the smartphone roost. That was until Wunderkinder like the iPhone and an army of Android devices crashed the party and stole some of the Canadian smartphone maker's thunder.

But RIM isn't going down without a fight. It's set to unleash the full-featured Torch for AT&T.

After spending time with the device, it's clear the Torch represents a natural evolution of RIM's enterprise-centric hardware. It incorporates elements of touchscreen-heavy precursors like the Storm with the QWERTY-heavy workhouse chops of the Bold. The 4.37-inch chassis feels perfectly at home in-hand, and though the sliding design screams 2006, RIM's eye for aesthetics gives the Torch an apropos sleekness.

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