Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Zimbabwe Guardian-President Mugabe; "To Hell With The West!"

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe:The Zimbabwe Guardian
(Story reported 1 August 2010, by Sources on The Zimbabwe Guardian)

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe vowed to fight against colonial rule and Western dominance in Africa.

He told those Europeans and American who were opposed to his rule to go "to hell" , while addressing thousands gathered at the National Heroes' Acre for the funeral of his sister, Sabina, whom he described as one of his closest friends and allies in his lifelong fight against white rule in Zimbabwe.

“To hell with them. Whoever told them that they are above the people of Zimbabwe, that the decisions that should be made by the people of Zimbabwe are theirs to make ?”

"We say to hell, hell, hell with them. They will not decide who is going to lead the people of Zimbabwe."

The president castigated the West and said after his sister's death Thursday he will not abandon the cause.

He added that the west sought his ouster by imposing illegal sanctions on the country.

the president said a "European-American clique" imposed sanctions for their own reasons.

"Europe and America want to keep these odious sanctions. They are now saying Mugabe must go first, and they choose someone to lead the country," he said.

U.S. Ambassador Charles Ray left the funeral during President Mugabe's address in apparent protest. He refused to comment on his action when asked by the media

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