Monday, September 6, 2010

BBC News-Four School Children Die From Car Bomb Blast In Pakistan

Images from BBC
(Story reported by Syed Shoiab Hasan for BBC News)

Four school children are among 19 people killed in a suicide car bombing in north-west Pakistan.

The attacker rammed a pickup into a police station in Lakki Marwat town, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. 

At least 11 policemen were also killed.

More than 100 people died in attacks on Shia Muslims last week. The Pakistani Taliban said they were responsible.

Meanwhile at least three al-Qaeda militants have been killed near the town of Miranshah, officials say. 

Their car was hit by two missiles fired from a suspected US drone in the area of Dattakhel, an area which officials say is an al-Qaeda safe haven near the Afghan border.

Local officials say two other men were injured in the attack.

The area is controlled by fighters loyal to Taliban commander Hafiz Gul Bahadur, who officials say has been providing safe havens to al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. 

(Click here to read the full story on the BBC News website.)

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