Monday, September 20, 2010 Obama's Economic Town Hall On CNBC

Screen Shot of President Obama's Town Hall on
(Story reported by the Associated Press)

President Barack Obama said Monday he doesn't care that the Great Recession has been declared over by a group of economists. For the millions of people who are out of work or otherwise struggling, he said, "it's still very real for them."

Obama denied that he was anti-business or anti-Wall Street in his economic proposals, commenting under close questioning during a town hall-style meeting broadcast live on CNBC.

He offered a mixed verdict on the growing tea party, calling its skepticism of government "healthy...That's in our DNA, right?"

But, he added, "The challenge for the tea party movement is to identify specifically 'What would you do?'" to help turn around the economy and produce jobs.

(Click here to read the full story on the website. Below is the full video of President Obama's 20 September 2010 Town Hall on CNBC)

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