Monday, October 4, 2010 Facebook ("The Social Network") A Flop at the Box Office?

'The Social Network": Sony/The Hollywood
(Story reported by Carl DiOrio for The Hollywood Reporter)

A curious box-office creature, Sony's "The Social Network" appears more tortoise than hare.

The David Fincher-helmed drama about the creation of Facebook posted an estimated $23 million to top the domestic box office during the weekend. Yet the "Social" launch fell in the lower end of projections, despite showing broad demographic bandwidth.

Prerelease interest in the PG-13 pic was keenest among younger males, even though dramas tend to play older. But as things turned out, opening audiences for "Social" were comprised 53% of females, with 55% of patrons aged 25 or older.

The older-skewing profile could be good news for the film's longer-term prospects. Such pics often show sturdy legs, and dramas also tend to stretch grosses over a longer play period.

"It's playing very broadly, and this is a terrific start," Sony distribution president Rory Bruer said. "This is a movie you can't walk down the street without hearing people talking about it, and the film should permeate in the public consciousness for weeks to come for young and old alike."

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