Monday, October 4, 2010 Wayne Confined to the "Bing" (Solitary) in Rikers

Lil Wayne:
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Lil' Wayne has been tossed in Rikers Island's version of solitary confinement after he was found to have a pair of headphones and an MP3 charger in his cell.

Weezy will be in punitive segregation, but he was already in a private cell. The difference is ... now he will have less interaction with inmates and will spend up to 23 hours a day in an isolation cell.

His out-of-cell time is now restricted to visits, religious services and one hour of recreational time and his phone privileges are reduced to one personal phone call a week.

Wayne was found with a pair of headphones and a charger for an MP3 player and another inmate was said to be hiding the MP3 player.

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