Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UK Daily Mail-Missing NC Girl's Stepmother Wrote $1M Ransom Note

Missing 10-year-old NC girl, Zahra Baker: AP
(Story reported by UK Daily Mail)

The disappearance of 10-year-old Zahra Baker has turned from a missing person's case into a murder investigation.

Zahra's stepmother Elisa Baker has confessed to police to writing a $1million ransom note that was found at the family's North Carolina home.

Hickory Police Chief Tom Adkins has confirmed that Baker admitted to writing the ransom letter which was found on the windshield of one of the family's vehicles when she was interrogated yesterday.

The letter was addressed to her husband Adam Baker's boss and said: 'Mr Coffey, you like being in control now who is in control we have your daughter'.

Police went to Coffey's house and found him and his child to be fine.

At a news conference on Tuesday Police Chief Adkins said he 'cannot confirm with any confidence how long Zahra has been missing'.

He added: 'We cannot confirm anyone has seen Zahra within the past month. Without this information, we cannot positively select the area to search for her'.

Elise Baker has been charged with felony obstruction of justice in the disappearance of her stepdaughter.

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