Sunday, November 6, 2011

AP: Blogger Attacked At KFC-Points Finger At Hip Hop Star


BRONX, NY (AP)-Almost twenty-four hours after one of the most bizarre press conferences in recent NY history, gossip blogger Sharon Thorne--the woman who many believe incurred the volatile actions of controversial hip hop star Malachi Joye, by sarcastically questioning his botched suicide attempt in Paris last week--was attacked by two unidentified women at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in the Bronx's Fordham Road neighborhood.

Thorne--45--and her scandulous blog (which reportedly receives nearly 1 million page visits a week) seems to have locked the troubled Joye in her online crosshairs for the past six months, with stories that have questioned his sexual preference, alleged drug use, poor business acumen, and lagging album sales. When Thorne questioned Joye in yesterday's press conference at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, about why he would try to burn his underwear instead of having them cleaned, and referred to him by a somewhat veiled scatological term (Thorne called Malachi Joye, "Boo Boo," and said she meant that "literally and figuratively"), Joye seemed to snap emotionally, and threw a chair into the crowd of reporters, while hurling a profanity-laden diatribe at Thorne, as his manager Walden "Whip" Underwood, Dead-On label CEO Edgar "Spank" Jordan, and his security team, escorted Joye out of the building.

However, today was supposed to be an escape from the glare of the entertainment spotlight, or so thought Sharon Thorne. She went to her favorite place to eat, KFC, to get her favorite snack--a box of chicken gizzards and backs with a biscuit and slaw--and the place was crowded. When two women behind her realized that Thorne had purchased the last batch of gizzards and backs (portions Kentucky Fried Chicken sell as a "special order" because, said a KFC spokesperson who spoke off the record, "It's a part of the chicken that's not as popular in African-American neighborhoods in the post millennium, as it was, say, back in the '60s and 70s. Blacks are more health conscious these days, and lean more towards white meat, like breasts and wings. But from time to time, we get a requests for gizzards, so we make those on a limited basis."), the women became incensed and grabbed Sharon Thorne, by her coat collar, and started beating her along the face, and then snatched her take-out order of gizzards and backs, ran out of KFC, and disappeared into the crowds along the Grand Concourse. 

Sharon Thorne was taken to Lincoln Hospital on 149th Street, treated for minor cuts and bruises on her face, and released. When these reporters reached her a few minutes ago, her statement was very brief. She told the AP, that, "I know that coward Malachi Joye, sent those two foolish women to do his dirty work! I know this!," Thorne said heatedly over the phone. "I don't blame those two hoodrats. They got bills to pay and Lotto's to play. Malachi paid them broadies off. This wasn't about no gizzards and backs. This was about a falling star who doesn't want the world to record his crash back to a harsh reality. This is about--and has always been about--Malachi Joye. Malachi even threatened me yesterday at the press conference, saying, he was 'gonna see me.' I grew up in the Drew Hamilton projects on 143rd Street in Harlem, I know what 'I'm gonna see you' means. I ain't stupid. And to make it simple and plain, one of the women--right before she snatched the box of gizzards and backs away from me--whispered in my ear, 'Skiddy says hello.' Skiddy. As in, 'Skid marks?' Hello?! Okay?! And now my lawyers are gonna say, 'Hello.' That's all I want to say. I'll have more to say on my blog in the next few days, after I heal."

And with that last remark, Sharon Thorne ended her conversation with two reporters from the Associated Press. But many believe, this string of strange events between these two media figures, is far from over.

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