Thursday, August 12, 2010

Art Info-Michael Jackson Memorabilia Headlines Asia's 1st Pop Cult Auction

Michael Jackson's Glove:
(Story reported by Art

When a black Swarovski crystal glove goes on sale in Macao this fall, it won't be just any black Swarkovski crystal glove: it will be a black Swarkovski crystal glove that once belonged to pop superstar Michael Jackson, estimated at $30–50,000. And when the sale takes place at the tony Ponte 16 resort on October 8, it won't be just any sale: it will be the first pop-culture auction ever to occur in Asia, according to California–based Julien’s Auctions, which is handling the sale.

Auctions filled with celebrity ephemera have become everyday affairs in the United States — an enterprising Chicago-based firm recently even tried to sell off the autopsy equipment purportedly used on Elvis Presley's cadaver — but Julien’s seems to be hoping that the opportunity to bid on items like a black sequined outfit worn onstage by Madonna (est. 6–8,000), a burgundy ball gown worn by Princess Diana (est. $80–100,000), and the Batman costume sported by Michael Keaton in "Batman Returns" (1992; est. 50–60,000) will prove to be a novel experience for Asian buyers. At the very least, it's a benchmark in the auction market's penetration of the continent.

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