Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spoek Mathambo/Vimeo-"Mshini Wam" (This Jawn Is Fiyah!!!)

South African MC Spoek Mathambo:
(Video description by South African MC Spoek Mathambo)

Part 'prince of township tech', part 'suburban space invader', Spoek Mathambo is back with the video for his debut album's first single, 'Mshini Wam'.

The song is a story of a young revolutionary who becomes a corrupt fatcat after 'the big victory', a common South African story. For the video, Spoek ditched the spacey costumes and lights and went into inner-city Johannesburg, to shoot a grimy ghetto story in a grimey ghetto way, complete with barbershop skankin', Congolese fishmarket parlaying and a dance competition in the park with the kids!!


(click here to visit to visit the Spoek Mathambo Vimeo page. You can also watch the full "Mshini Wam" video below)

SPOEK MATHAMBO – MSHINI WAM from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

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