Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BBC News-UN Wants To Raise $459 Million to Help Pakistan Flood Victims

photo credit: BBC News
(Story reported by BBC News)

The UN has launched an appeal for $459m (£290m) to help victims of Pakistan's flood disaster, which has affected at least 14 million people.

UN humanitarian chief John Holmes made the announcement at the organisation's headquarters in New York, saying the aid would cover the next 90 days.

The disaster was "one of the most challenging that any country has faced in recent years", Mr Holmes said.
So far, about 1,600 people have been killed by the monsoon floods.
Mr Holmes said the funds would be used for food, clean water, shelter and medical supplies.

The "emergency response plan" would be revised after 30 days as more information came in, he added.

Weather officials say the monsoon system over the Arabian Sea is weakening and there should be a break in the torrential rains for at least the next three days, though scattered rains are forecast.

The UK responded to the UN appeal by announcing it would supply aid to some 1.5 million people in Pakistan.

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