Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wash Po-Tiger Woods Goes To Pieces

Tiger Woods: Charlie Niebergall/AP
(by Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon)

It has been more than two years since Tiger Woods has won a major golf championship. He has never gone this deep into a season without winning a tournament of some kind. Just last week he finished a tournament tied for 79th out of 80 golfers in driving accuracy. The only thing Tiger did worse than drive the ball was putt it. Tiger Woods has made about as many putts this summer as Ickey Woods.

So "What's Wrong with Tiger?" has become the No. 1 question in sports. And the answer is pretty darned simple: His life fell apart.

It has been a hot mess since Thanksgiving night when word of his dalliances became to trickle out, and it could be for a while longer. He lost, for all practical purposes, his wife, his family life as he knew it, his peace and quiet and everything that went with it, including his athletic precision and whatever competitive advantages he had held over his peers for more than a decade.

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