Monday, August 9, 2010

Daily Caller-Are Black Repulicans Welcome In The Black Caucus?

Image of Michael Steele:
(Story reported by Kyle Peterson for the Daily

If the African-American Republicans running for U.S. Congress find electoral success this November, the Congressional Black Caucus, long known for its progressive policy agenda, may suddenly become more politically diverse — but only if the newly minted elected officials decide to join.  As of now, there are currently no Republicans in the CBC as there are no black Republicans in Congress.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Allen West, candidate in Florida’s 22nd congressional district, said if the CBC would have him, he would likely join, despite the caucus’ liberal leaning.
“You’ve got to challenge them,” West said. “I think that someone needs to stand up and say something different.”

Others, such as Bill Hardiman, candidate in Michigan’s third congressional district, say black Republicans could look into creating their own caucus. 

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msladydeborah said...

This is an interesting what if situation.

Would the CBC be open to letting in folks from the otherside of the aisles? How would the GOP feel about that move? Would chairman Steele support that move?

We'll have to stay tune to find out what will happen. I think that it would be worth watching to see if they could merge for the common good.

Bmc said...

@msladydeborah: as always, great insight MLD. I believe it would change the dynamic of the Black GOP, and also put Chairman Steele between a rock and a hard place; he couldn't "tow the GOP party-line" with much fidelity. It is a complex and intriguing scenario you bring up. I appreciate it.