Monday, August 9, 2010

Esquire-Producer Talks About The Fraud Known As "Jersey Shore"

Howdy Doody and Pauly D-Snooki image: NBC Archive/Getty Images/MTV Handout
(Story reported by Marty Beckerman for Esquire Magazine)

20 Behind-the-Scenes Truths of Reality TV

On the occasion of Jersey Shore's return, one particularly outspoken producer — a five-year veteran of competitions, semi-scripted dramas, and celebrity tag-alongs — makes sure what we've all been assuming about America's favorite genre doesn't stay secret much longer

Everything you see has been mapped out. We design it, we build it, we know what it's going to be. It's a maze; my job is to pop the mice in and watch the reaction. But the mice are manipulated. We've written everything.

When the characters — the cast — cry "why don't they like me?" that's the whole point. If you filmed a show with ten people who get along, there would be nothing to watch. I have sympathy for them, but what do they think they're signing up for?

You will be edited into a one-dimensional character. The editors can make you whoever they want. You don't have control.

You can make a big storyline from the littlest thing — a tense moment, something minor. It's water-cooler talk for the rest of the country, but it's just some tiny, nothing incident.

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