Wednesday, August 11, 2010

LV Sun-Nevada Gov. Unsure About Accepting Fed $$$ To Help Teachers

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons: Las Vegas Sun
(Story reported by Cy Ryan for the Los Vegas Sun)

CARSON CITY -- Gov. Jim Gibbons isn't sure whether he will accept $162 million in federal money to hire school teachers and supply funds to the Medicaid program.

Gibbons said he first wants to see the strings attached to the law signed this week by President Obama. It would protect an estimated 1,400 teacher jobs in Nevada.

The governor has to approve accepting the money pushed through Congress by Democrats.

Gibbons said, however, the details in the bill are being studied.

Gibbons complained that the federal government is making decisions on Nevada's school system. For instance, he said the Eureka County School District might need books or computers but will be required to use the funds for teachers.

"We have to study the requirements for taking that money," Gibbons said. "The requirements by the federal government oftentimes put us in a more difficult position."

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