Monday, August 9, 2010

NY Times-Police Bullet Kills Man In Harlem; Cops Wounded In Shootout

Makeshift memorial in Bronx for Luis Soto: Ruth Fremson/NY Times
(Story reported by William K. Rashbaum and Karen Zaraick for the NY Times)

Updated 7:37 p.m. | Ballistics tests revealed that the bullet that killed a man early Sunday after a crowded Harlem party came from a semiautomatic weapon — indicating that it likely was fired by one of four police officers who discharged 46 rounds after gunfire broke out.

The police said the man, Luis Soto, 22, was shot during a fight, and his assailant turned and fired on responding officers. Mr. Soto was hit five times: in the left shoulder, the left forearm, the right thigh, the left hip, and in the area of his left collarbone — the fatal shot that tore through his heart, lungs and other organs, officials said. His left forearm was grazed by a sixth bullet.

His assailant, Angel Alvarez, 23, was shot 21 times by the police officers and survived. Two officers were also wounded, the police said, one when a bullet fired by a fellow officer struck his bullet-resistant vest and another whose hand was grazed.

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