Monday, August 9, 2010 (Nigeria)-2010 Africa Fashion Week

Backstage at Dakar Fashion Week:Reuters
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July 26, 2010 03:11PM

This year's Africa Fashion Week that happened in the middle of the World Cup tournament, had been promised a year ago amid the huge swirl of designers that descended on Johannesburg to take part in the first such fashion extravaganza of its kind.

That 2009 event had a dizzy eight-day schedule of more than 50 designers from the continent and the Diaspora, and the expectation then was that 2010, with the world thronging to South Africa for the Cup, would be an even bigger event in terms of numbers of designers on show. That was not the case and the story behind that is still to be told.

The four-day event that started on June 30 seemed to be a much abbreviated version of what took place in 2009. But in fashion, as in other things, brevity, cropping, fine-tuning and reducing bulk can be excellent for the silhouette.

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