Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BBC News-Woman Becomes U.S. Citizen After 101 Years In America

Ms. Eulalia Garcia, resident of Brownsville, TX, who became an American citizen at the age of 101: Yolanda Ovalle/BBC News
(Story reported by Marcia Facundo for BBC News) 

More than a century after she crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into the US, Eulalia Garcia has become an American citizen at the age of 101.

"I feel really good about what I have accomplished - at my age and with my health," she said.

Ms Garcia, who entered the US on 12 October 1909, became a citizen on the 101st anniversary of her arrival.

She said the first thing she wanted to do as an American was vote in the mid-term elections on 2 November.

"Sure, I do - for the best [candidate]," Ms Garcia said.

The naturalisation ceremony took place on Tuesday in a federal courthouse in Brownsville in the US state of Texas, where Ms Garcia has lived almost all her life.

She now joins an elite list of only 15 immigrants over 100 years of age who have been naturalised as citizens, according to the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Born in the Mexican city of Monterrey, she has outlived two husbands, her two sons and an endless set of rules and US immigration laws.

She came to Texas in the arms of her mother, Ilaria Mendoza, when she was only six months old.

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