Friday, October 15, 2010

Daily Mail-Teenager Murders His Young Brother; "Dexter Made Me Do It"

Andrew Conley, 18, accused of strangling his 10-year-old brother to death, in order to be like the TV serial murder character, "Dexter": AP/UK Daily Mail
(Story reported by UK Daily Mail)

A teenager who strangled his 10-year-old brother because he was inspired by the TV series Dexter was today sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Michael C. Hall, who plays the creepy serial killer, "Dexter": Showtime/UK Daily Mail
The teenager told investigators that he identified with the character from the hit TV series about a serial killer and that he had wanted to kill someone for years.

He said his urge to commit murder was like someone who was hungry and had to eat and had he had also fantasised about murdering his father.

Conley told police he had been messing around with his brother Conner when he locked his hands around his neck.

He told police he strangled the 10-year-old with his bare hands for 20 minutes to make sure he was dead.

He stuffed his body in a rubbish bag and dumped him in a park near their home in Rising Sun, Indiana, and later drove to his girlfriend's home where they watched a film.

Conley confessed to killing his brother saying he had an uncontrollable urge for murder and wanted to model himself after the TV serial killer Dexter.

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